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The ingredients of my workshops



peace-building for opponents

anti-bullying for schools

team-building for corporates

communication training for individuals


My Tools


As theatre director, I have always been interested in the stories written by life itself. Now I flipped this around and use theatre as a method to improve life, deepen relationships and explore personal self-development instead. I discovered that performing arts are a powerful and effective way to break the ice, build a spirit of community and support amongst people and create empathy. How could you understand someone else's perspective better than through literally stepping in their shoes?


In my workshops you can expect the following elements:


  • acting

  • dance / movement

  • music

  • eye-contact

  • sharing (a special way of talking where only one person talks and the other is fully dedicated to listening)

  • creative writing

  • meditation

  • trusting exercises

  • touch (this can also be done energetically if touch is a boundary)

  • play

  • voice


All exercises are facilitated either for pairs, small groups or for the whole group.

My core values

One of my friends runs a home for backpackers in Varanasi, India. As his job description, he always says "I spread love and happiness."

What I do is quite similar. I simply want all the people I work with to be happy. For me, the key to happiness is to be in one's own center first and then to consider all the people we deal with in daily life as a big community. We can choose if we encounter each other in hate and fear or love and trust. I feel our polarised society uses a lot of precious energy on judgement, competition, comparing and ego. I believe we can do better than that.


If we managed to approach each other with curiosity and kindness, we would feel more relaxed about all our social interaction and establish deep soul-nourishing relationships. There are several core values that I consider as necessary to get there and that define the content of all my workshops:


  • self-compassion: We need to start with ourselves first. This is about being your own best buddy, being generous with yourself, laugh about your mistakes and make your self-worth independent from your success.

  • authenticity: Once you love yourself, it is easier to BE yourself. Stop pretending a version of you that other people expect - it will never be as powerful and intriguing as the original.

  • honesty: Speaking your truth is hard when it may hurt other people. I support you in expressing emotions, owning your mistakes, setting your boundaries and asking for what you want.

  • presence: Being 100% in the present moment with yourself or other people changes the quality massively.

  • emotions: Feelings are nothing anyone should be ashamed of. All emotions are welcome.

  • vulnerability: If we take the risk of sharing something personal with another being this opens the gate for a deeper connection.

  • empathy: "We hate each other because we don't know each other" - BBC journalist Celeste Headlee in her TED talk. I invite you to check your assumptions, listen openly and put yourself in another person's shoes.

  • community: It is your choice if you consider other people as threat, idiots and provocation or if you approach them with the knowledge that we are a tribe. Simply because we are all human beings with the same fears and needs.

Each person deserves to be seen.

Each truth deserves to be heard.

Leave your judgement at the doorstep.

Get ready to look beyond the label.