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Private Dance Coaching

"Dancing with Valerie released a lot of blocks inside of me.

It was an intense personal transformation.

Extremely precious."

Heinz, Neulengbach, Austria

Biotango Beginner

"I just had the first Tango class in my life and I am really lucky

I had it with Valerie."

Steffi, Vienna, Austria

We rock Corona!

"I felt liberated, could release the anger I held within and went through

a catharsis with Valerie's dances."

Guillermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Biotango Advanced

"At one point I danced with a partner but it was really hard. Then Valerie

introduced us to the concept of rest-sense-allow and I stopped to struggle, I felt relieved. It was very powerful. I was touched how Valerie was leading the workshop, how she combined the elements of

Biodanza & Tango. It was fantastic."

Heide, Vienna, Austria

Although we were experienced Tango dancers like me & newcomers in Valerie's class we all felt very secure and comfortable. We were all very emotional at the end of Valerie's workshop, very connected. We were strangers a couple of hours ago and left as friends. I am impressed, it was an amazing experience. I can't wait to integrate everything I have learned in the Milongas.


—  John, California

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